Surfacequest Chicago:
Your Supplier and Installer of Architectural Films Nationwide

We work with architects, interior designers, general contractors and building owners and managers to bring your vision to life.

Surfacequest Chicago’s professionals are certified and highly skilled in the installation of architectural film on interior and exterior surfaces.

With over 15-years experience, we are one of the leading distributors and installers of architectural film in the country! Our services include surface preparation, installation, surface maintenance and repair of your installed film.

Key Industries Served

Apartments & Condo Buildings

Healthcare Facilities


Office Buildings

Wide Range of Applications

Quick and economical renovations make hotels, condos, apartment buildings, hospitals, healthcare facilities and office buildings look new again.

We cover doors, panels, elevator doors and walls, ceilings, soffits, cabinets, drywall and more.

There is little to no disruption. Film can be applied over wood, laminate, metal, stone and drywall. Our environmentally-friendly materials also reduce waste in landfills.


Watch our process. Make your surfaces look new again with architectural film.

Our Product Partners


Surfacequest Chicago is a Certified Installer for most films.